CRUX-Linux ports

Steffen's CRUX-Linux ports

A few ports for  Crux-Linux that i miss. These are verifiable with my  Signify public key. (Its signature: [Image: CRUX logo] The ports can be accessed through the usual  Crux port drivers, namely  httpup (ports/stenur.httpup) and  git(1) (ports/stenur.git). The git version can be browsed online.

I have written a wrapper script,, around the CRUX package tools and their configuration files /etc/pkgmk.conf and /etc/prt-get.conf that i find very comfortable, it reduces a full system update to

	# bin/ -sU  # -s may not be available for you

	# # prt-get --test sysup
	# # bin/
	# # .. olay adjustments, as necessary ..

	# bin/ -d  # download anything
	# # no more web traffic

	# bin/ -nq # build anything non-interactive + "quiet"
	# # in case of package errors fix that, build it via prt-get,
	# # and then call "# bin/ -r" to resume normal flow

	# bin/

Whereas is easily usable / adaptable (you surely want to adjust the BOX_PORTS variable), and are pretty much specific as they depend on my style and order of port usage in /etc/prt-get.conf:

	prtdir /usr/ports/olay-lock
	prtdir /usr/ports/olay
	prtdir /usr/ports/stenur
	prtdir /usr/ports/core
	prtdir /usr/ports/opt
	prtdir /usr/ports/xorg
	prtdir /usr/ports/contrib

olay-lock and olay contain local overlays, ports in olay-lock are treated as if locked via prt-get lock PORT, whereas those in olay will be built as necessary. To get reminded of possibly desired updates of overlayed ports Once an update was performed i call, it looks for obsolete binaries (/usr/ports/built) and balls (/x/balls), and moves them to the respective .stale subdirectory, after cleaning that first; note that it requires git(1) based prtdirs for graceful functioning (if a prt-get current port is not updated it will nonetheless be moved to the .stale directories otherwise). These two are mount points here, and in conjunction with file system snapshots i have a clean set of required source balls and built packages, with the recently replaced ones still available in .stale.

acpid acpid: ACPI event management daemon with netlink support.
apulse apulse: PulseAudio emulation for ALSA.
bluealsa bluez-alsa: Bluetooth Audio ALSA Backend (for users in "audio" group).
bmake bmake: NetBSD make program.
bogofilter-lmdb bogofilter: Fast Bayesian spam filtering, using LMDB backend.
calendar BSD calendar:  OpenBSD program (via Leah Neukirchen), and  FreeBSD database files; do cd && touch calendar && calendar.
cwm cwm: Linux port of the OpenBSD window manager.
doxygen doxygen: Source code documentation generator tool.
dtach dtach: Emulates the detach feature of screen.
encfs encfs: Encrypted filesystems via FUSE.
ipcalc ipcalc: calculate IPv4/6 broadcast, network and host range.
iw iw: nl80211 based CLI configuration utility for wireless devices.
kexec-tools kexec-tools: User space utility to load and exec another kernel.
libao libao: Cross-platform audio output library and plugins.
lighttpd lighttpd: Secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web server.
lmdb LMDB: The Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Manager.
lynx-redux lynx, the text mode browser. Like contrib/lynx, but somewhat stripped down (can be installed concurrently).It also has a SOCKS5 proxy support patch (via -socks5_proxy).
mawk mawk: Thomas Dickey's mawk AWK interpreter.
nawk nawk: The one, true implementation of AWK.
pam_xdgpam_xdg: PAM module to manage XDG Base Directory Specification 0.8 (see manual).
postfix-lmdb postfix: Secure and fast drop-in replacement for Sendmail (MTA).
plzip plzip: parallelized lzip compression tool.
s-cddas-cdda: access audio CDs (informations and track data).
s-cdda-to-dbs-cdda-to-db: use S-cdda to create music database.
s-dkim-signs-dkim-sign: postfix-only DKIM sign-only milter.
s-postgrays-postgray: (fast+secure) postfix graylisting policy server.
slock slock: A simple X display locker.
sox sox: Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation.
st st: Simple terminal emulator for X, with X resource support (patch).
tcc tinycc: Tiny C Compiler - C Scripting Everywhere.
usocks usocks-0.7.c: detour network traffic through SOCKS5 proxy.
wireguard-tools wireguard-tools: Tools for configuring WireGuard.
xclip xclip: A command line interface to the X11 clipboard.
yt-dlp yt-dlp: CLI program to access YouTube and other data content.

Copyright (c) 1997 - 2024, Steffen Nurpmeso <>
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