CRUX-Linux ports

Steffen's CRUX-Linux ports

The few ports for  Crux-Linux that i miss in the default collections. They are signed with a  Signify key, and can be verified with my public key. The ports can be accessed through the usual  Crux port drivers, namely  httpup (ports/stenur.httpup) and  git(1) (ports/stenur.git). The git version can be browsed online at ../cgit/crux-ports.git/.

bmake NetBSD make
cwm CWM, the OpenBSD window manager
dma DragonFly Mail Agent, a local MTA but which can send to smart hosts
dnsmasq-nodnssec Dnsmasq, like opt/dnsmasq but without DNSSEC
encfs EncFS, Encrypted filesystems via FUSE
lynx-redux lynx, the text mode browser, like contrib/lynx, but somewhat stripped down
mawk-debian Debian mawk, an old awk from 1996. Default awk in Debian, so good to have it for testing. No character classes etc. in bracket expressions, for example.
nawk The one, true implementation of AWK
pcc Portable C Compiler
pcc-libs Portable C Compiler: libraries
st-xrdb st, a simple terminal emulator for X, with XRDB patch so you can have resources like X.background, X.foreground and X.cursorColor. The X is st, but it can be adjusted via -n command line option.
tcc Tiny C Compiler

Copyright (c) 1997 - 2019, Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso <>
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