Incipiunt laudes creaturarum.

Steffen (Daode) Nurpmeso

Willkommen auf meiner Heimatseite im Internet. Da sich hier alles um das Programmieren von Bibliotheken und Programmen dreht, [Image: My Gravatar from - her name was Zuckerschnute] liegt nahezu der gesamte Rest meines Internet-Auftritts in – wenn auch schlechtem – Englisch vor. Ich bin gewillt mich bei Germanisten dafür zu entschuldigen. Den deutschen Rest widme ich der Polemisierung gegen die Rechtschreibreform, die ein ziemlicher Missstand, wenn nicht gar ein aufwändiger Albtraum war und ist. Ich verwende aus Protest einen Mischmasch aus neuer und alter Rechtschreibung -- und fühle mich dabei so, wie sich die Sesselfurzer fühlen sollten.

Welcome on my Homepage. As a teached-school-english german i want to excuse myself for the syntactic alcohol you are about to read -- first. My english is good enough to document my hacking efforts, but i don't think it is worth much more. I now dare to continue: somewhat fearfully, though.

This homepage can be read with all browsers out there, including text-mode browsers. The desired look requires a graphical browser with enabled CSS2 ( Internet Consortium), though. Please note that the stylesheet does not introduce specific fonts and/or font sizes and the like, but uses and works relative to the defaults you have chosen in your browser! Thanks for your understanding.

Navigation bars can be found at the top and the bottom of each page, which provide a subset of the following symbols: ⇑ loads the parent chapter, ⇐ and ⇒ load the first and last page of a section, respectively, ← and → load the previous/the next page; likewise ↑ and ↓ can be used to scroll to the top and the bottom of the currently loaded page. Hyperlinks which refer to other sites on the internet are explicitly marked with  . As you can see UNICODE characters are used instead of images -- try using a UTF-8 aware locale/console/browser if you have display problems.

Scripting is used but it is not needed for proper functioning. This site initially used it to (somewhat) center the body in the middle of the browser's window. That was to overcome an embarassing restriction in the CSS2 standard, which requires usage of some table-cell like thing to automatically center <div> elements relatively. I didn't use tables for web pages since 1997, and i didn't want to restart doing so just because of this. Users had the opportunity to disable that via another script (-link). However -- all of that is even uglier than not being (somewhat) centered, so i finally dropped it.

Go to the person myself if you want to know more about me, because, and otherwise, almost all of my internet presence is reserved for my hacking efforts. Please and finally remember that there is a copyright and disclaimer to be recognized.

Viel SpaƟ / Have fun!

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